1st Digital RPD Networking Event 2022

27th of April 2022 | 03:30pm - 05:30pm | digital (Zoom)

Based on the findings of the RPD Strategy Conference in September 2021 and following on from the positive feedback from the past Digital Network Event in Devember 2021, the RPD Network leading team chose to implement other networking events in 2022.


On the 27th of April 2022, 12 professionals from the work area International Youth Work and related fields met digitally for the first RPD Networking Event of 2022 to gain insights into the network of "Research and Practice in Dialogue - International Youth Work (RPD)", to connect with each other, and to jointly identify research needs and project ideas for the advancement of the field of International youth Work.

The main focus of this event were the project findings of the RPD project "Neue Formate und Wege zur Teilnahme (New formats and ways for young people to participate in mobility offers)" (2019-2021).

The scientific lead, researchers and the responsible team for the evaluaiton of the Project Sandra Petersen (University of Rostock) and Sebastian Zick (formerly University of Flensburg) gave a brief overview of the project background and presented key findings of the project. After that, the participants of the plenary session discussed the central findings, as well as their meaning for the work field of International Youth Work and had the possibility to ask questions about the project context. As a result, they also had the possibility to draw parallels to their own experiences and working realities.



Click here (German only) for the documentation of the event.


We would like to thank all the participants for the interesting discussion!

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