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„Research and Practice in Dialogue“ (RPD) is an international network that promotes the interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral exchange between research and practice in the fields of International Youthwork and Child and Youth Travel since 1989. It is supported and monitored by transfer e.V., a non-profit organization in the field of child and youth welfare based in Cologne, Germany. The activities of RPD are funded by the Federal ministry for Family affairs, Senior citizens, Woman and Youth (BMFSFJ).


Current issues and operational needs are addressed through collaborative projects and concepts. The network's activities play a significant role in contributing to the professional development of the respective fields of action.


Support the professional  development of the fields of work.

Special agencies and practicioners

Collaborate with other organizations to develop new approaches and concepts.


Explore International Youth Work as a field for of practical work and research  (Only GER)

RPD networking partners in Germany

Which actors are active in the RPD network and who participates at which capacity?

Who feels connected to the RPD network?

Who is interested in and deals with which topics?

In order to show the RPD network, there is a padlet-map (GER only) (password: Netzwerk FPD 2022).  Network partners* in Germany can...

... show where they're located,

...can choose a colour that describes their operation mode (research (blue), practice (yellow/orange) or other (lila) and

... give a brief overview regarding their contact, their interests and/or their involvement in the RPD projects.


*All those who participate in RPD events and who wish to get in touch with RPD, are considered network partners, not just actors who are involved in ongoing RPD projects and/or commitees.

You're invited to fill in your profile on the padlet-map!


Event report to the first digital networking event of 2024
"International Narratives for International Youth Work"

 19th of April 2024 | 02:00pm – 05:00pm UTC+02:00 | Language: English | Zoom



How is International Youth Work structurally established in different countries? What biographical decisions and motivations have led to activity in the field of International Youth Work? Which importance is attributed to the field of International Youth Work by society as a whole? These were questions discussed in two year small scale research project "International Narratives and Rationales in International Youth Work".

The networking event will address the mentioned questions by looking at the samples Poland, Portugal, Tanzania, Turkey and USA. We also want to reflect on individual perspectives, perceptions, and blind spots in international exchange. All interested actors from the field of International Youth Work and related fields are invited.


Here you can access the event report, the documentation and the preliminary version of the project report.

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