1st International Digital Networking Event 2024

April 19, 2024 | 00:30pm - 05:00pm | digital (Zoom) | English

For the first time and as part of the internalization strategy of the network - "Research and Practice in Dialogue - International Youth Work”, the 1st International Digital Network Event "International Narratives for International Youth Work" took place in English and was organized to open the discussion about the different motives of International Youth Work to participants around the globe. As a result, participants from various countries with different understandings and perspectives regarding International Youth Work gathered to discuss project results, processes, and understandings of the field of work from their countries’ perspectives.

The event followed the typical procedure of previous RPD Networking Events. After a brief introduction and presentation of the RPD-network, the thematic focus lied on the project "International Narratives for International Youth Work", presented by Dr. Benjamin Bunk (research partner of the project, Justus Liebig University Gießen).

 Professionals from different countries were surveyed in the projects "International Narratives" (2022, predecessor of the project) and "International Legitimization Narratives for International Youth Work" (2023) on the following questions:

  • What biographical decisions have led you to International Youth Work?
  • How is International Youth Work socially and structurally anchored in your country?
  • How do you envision the future of International Youth Work in the next 30 years?

After presenting the project findings, participants exchanged views on the following questions:

  • Professional Understanding: Why do I (!) like working in the field of work?
  • Reflective level: Considering the perspectives presented from other countries: What blind spots am I currently discovering in my own practice? What have I learnt today about myself and my work?
  • Outlook: How do I incorporate these understandings into my own practice?

You can access the documentation here.

You can find the project report here (down below).




We thank all participants for contributing their diverse expertise!



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