Teaching and Research

RPD advocates for...

 ... students getting to know the fields of work of International Youth Work and Child and Youth Travel,

... locating more courses on these fields of work and related subject areas,

... making the fields of work more prominent in teaching and research at German universities and colleges.

Possibilities of cooperation for universities and colleges

Share your expertise by participating

  • as a partner in annual RPD projects
  • at organized lectures, seminars and events
  • at evaluations and development of projects

RPD supports teaching by

  • attending seminars
  • conducting meetings and excursions for your seminar contexts
  • providing guest lecturers
  • providing aid for seminar design. 

RPD supports basic research by

  • highlighting research fields and topics
  • providing diverse contacts to specialist agencies and practice institutions
  • havving a specialized archive in Cologne (German only)

Here is a summary of the collaboration possibilities between the RPD network and universities and colleges (German only)

Are you interested? We would be happy to get to know you in an exploratory meeting!

Discover the fields of work

Lernfeld unterwegs (German website) provides students with information, internships, and research topics in the field of International Youth Work and Child and Youth Travel.

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